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Are you fed up with organizing the same old plans with your friends? Would you like to experience something new and original with them? Would you like to get to know and have fun with other groups of people?

LET ROOM is the place for you!

Discover a new space that we’ve designed to encourage social interaction through FUN. Unleash your adrenaline after a long day working or studying, release stress, laugh, work in a team...  

Come and enjoy an informal menu and a wide selection of cocktails, premium drinks and have fun competing in social games on our interactive tables. Take a trip to another dimension through virtual reality experiences and learn the basics of the most popular casino games.    

LET’s experience, LET's play, LET's quiz, LET's enjoy, LET's drive, LET's have fun... ¡LET ROOM!

*Access to this room is only for people over 18 years of age. It is essential to show your ID card.


Do you remember those afternoons of fun with classic board games? The challenges and rivalry between friends, family members, work colleagues...


Now you can relive those sensations even more intensely and with even more fun and excitement thanks to our Quiz Show, an innovative multi-contest for you to enjoy a unique group experience hosted by a presenter who livens things up and makes it lots of fun.


Get ready to feel like you're on a TV set about to take part in a contest that combines knowledge, tension, craftiness, suspense, euphoria, skill... A unique experience in which you can compete, share, laugh and win as a group and which mixes the fun of playing a game and competing in a contest with a variety of challenges divided into 3 games, 5 themes and 4 challenges.


Call your friends, your work colleagues or whoever you want, get a name for your team and enjoy the exclusive Casino Barcelona experience.


Shall we play?



We have 5 XTable Multi-Touch Tables that are equipped with the latest technology, connected with each other and which have a huge LED screen with state-of-the-art technology. Each table has six positions, allowing you to enjoy the experience of a shared game that is totally original.

Have fun by proving your skills in different social games (they are fun, involve multiple players and are easy to play) - Space Rescue, The zombiest, Pyramids and Crazy Kitchen - and win monthly prizes.

Learn to play American Roulette, Blackjack and Poker Stud via interactive tutorials that let you put everything you’ve learned in the Free To Play mode into practice.

Beat records, compete with your friends, challenge other players via chat and learn new games!



Travel to another dimension in our Virtual Reality area. Enjoy a high-performance experience with our 4 state-of-the-art VR glasses that have stand-alone operation and physical constraints, allowing you to avoid close objects. Prove your skills as an all-round sports genius playing Sports Scramble and/or clear the path to the futuristic world of Beat Saber by following the rhythm of the music.  

Don’t just watch games, participate in them!



The feel of the steering wheel, the roar of the engine as you floor the throttle, the speed pressing down on your body, the horizon of the circuit before you and... THROTTLE!

Enjoy a hyper-realistic experience developed by and for motorsport enthusiasts with the quality guarantee of our partners in eSports, gamification and simracing: Digalix and its eSports team DXDROIDS SIMRACING by LET ROOM.

Bring out the driver in you and test your skills on our state-of-the-art IMSIM Alma simulators. Get ready to drive like you've never driven before thanks to motorised motion that replicates the physics and G-forces of racing. Feel the emotion, the speed, the adrenaline of drifting on bends, the grip of the tyres on the track, the suspension working on the rumble strips, the loss of traction...

Stop dreaming about driving a racing car and do it! Get behind the wheel of one of our cars, fasten your seatbelt, put your headphones on and floor the throttle to move into a hyper-realistic world of epic racing.

Drive & Feel it!

*We are waiting for you at the main entrance of the casino (c/ Marina 19-21).


Private and Corporate Events

Are you looking for an original, fun-filled and lively event? At LET ROOM, we’ll help you turn your event into a unique and unforgettable experience. Surprise your friends, family, workmates, employees, clients or whoever you want with a day full of fun, laughter, competition and teamwork

Contact us by email or call us at +34 93 225 78 78 and experience a new idea for birthdays, team building days, presentations and private parties.   

LET’s experience, LET's play, LET's quiz, LET's enjoy, LET's drive, LET's have fun... ¡LET ROOM!