Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling

In line with its values and ethical principles based on responsibility, professional rigour, integrity and social commitment, Grup Peralada Casinos has developed a Responsible Gambling policy that has led to it being awarded with the Responsible Gambling Framework from the European Casino Association (ECA), making Casino Barcelona, Casino Perelada and Casino Tarragona the first and only Spanish land-based casinos to receive it.   

This prestigious certification was granted after an independent audit carried out by Global Gambling Guidance Group (G4), an accreditation and certification body that has also awarded Grup Peralada Casinos with its Responsible Gambling certification

The distinction recognises the importance of the Responsible Gambling Programme that Grup Perelada Casinos has implemented in its three land-based casinos (Casino Barcelona, Casino Perelada and Casino Tarragona) and on its online gaming platform (, promoting collaboration between all the groups involved in line with a philosophy of prevention, awareness and information. 

This policy has three main objectives: 

  • Identifying, controlling and reducing the possible negative impacts that casino games may cause.  
  • Contributing to creating a culture of games of chance where taking part in this activity happens within limits that gamblers can manage.  
  • Collaborating in research in the field of compulsive gambling and with organizations that work with people addicted to gambling.  

Grup Peralada Casinos works closely with the Hospital de Bellvitge and its Biomedical Research Institute, the Asociación Centro Catalán de Adicciones Sociales (ACENCAS, the Catalan Association for Social Addictions) and the Generalitat de Catalunya (the government of Catalonia).