The Casino Lottery

The Casino Lottery

From November 24 to January 5

Would you like to enjoy a Christmas full of great gifts?

Come to Casino Barcelona and tempt fate with the Casino Lottery!

You could win Christmas baskets and a motorcycle!

And best of all, you can win without spending a single euro!

All you have to do to participate in the Casino Lottery is to be a GPM and visit us. That easy! Get your ticket at the GPM counter and put it in the urn to participate in the draw.

The draws will be held on the following days:

-December 22, 3 Christmas baskets.

-January 5, 1 motorcycle SYM Symphony

At Casino Barcelona we have great gifts for you!

*From November 24 to January 5
*Exclusive promotion for GPM members
*Participation limited to one ticket per person per day