Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


These Terms and Conditions, together with the Privacy Policy (collectively, the Terms), govern the Grup Peralada Member program and membership card.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, participation in contests, sweepstakes or other services may have particular terms and conditions that expand upon or supersede, with respect to such contest, sweepstakes or service, these Terms.

  • Companies responsible for Grup Peralada Member:

All of the following companies are jointly responsible for the Grup Peralada Member program and are hereinafter referred to as the Managing Companies.

  • Gran Casino de Barcelona, S.L.U.

    Calle Marina, 19-21, 08005 Barcelona

    NIF: B-08511834

  • Casino Castillo de Peralada, S.L.U.

    Calle Pere II de Montcada, 1, 08034 Barcelona

    NIF: B-17035940

  • Casino Tarragona, S.L.U.

    Calle Pere II de Montcada, 1, 08034 Barcelona

    NIF: B-17035957

  • Casino Barcelona Interactivo, S.A.U.

    Calle Pere II de Montcada, 1, 08034 Barcelona

    NIF: A-65661886

  • Casino Barcelona Sports Betting, S.L.U.

    Calle Pere II de Montcada, 1, 08034 Barcelona

    NIF: B-66308701


  • Admissibility:

You must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid means of electronic communication (email, telephone, etc.) that we can use to communicate with you in order to join the Grup Peralada Member program.

All members of Grup Peralada Member will have the GPM card. According to company policy, this card will not be sent, in any case, to the member's home address, so it must be picked up in person at the Management Companies' premises.

The User will not be definitively accepted into the Grup Peralada Member program until the GPM card has been obtained and the User has been correctly identified by means of a recognized identification document with photograph and date of birth (ID card, passport, or driver's license).

The Grup Peralada Member program will be closed to anyone listed in the self-exclusion or prohibited files, as well as to those who, for any reason, have limited access to the casino gaming floors of the Management Companies.

Likewise, employees, as well as agencies, suppliers or direct or indirect collaborators involved in the design, operation or promotion of the program, people belonging to public and/or private organizations who, because of their position, could be seen as enjoying advantages in terms of participation or obtaining and redeeming points, as well as the direct relatives of all of the above, may not be part of the program as long as the above conditions are met.

  • Account and card owner

The cardholder will be the sole beneficiary of the points and benefits offered by the GPM card. No other person may accumulate points on the cardholder's card, nor may the cardholder use his/her card to purchase or consume for another customer.

  • Accumulation of points:

The points can be obtained by visiting the Management Companies' casinos or by consuming in the restaurants or shows, according to the following table:

       CARD CREATION: 360 points.

       CASINO ADMISSION: 50 points. Should the user visit the same casino more than once in a day, points will only be credited for the first visit.

       LUNCH OR DINNER IN A RESTAURANTAccording to consumption. 10 points for every €1 on the receipt. Group dinners with 10 or more people will not earn points.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, depending on the loyalty that the member exhibits to the Management Companies, the latter may apply different multipliers, which will allow frequent casino members to earn a greater number of points. The multiplier ratio is dynamic and may vary according to the time or season.

The holder of the GPM card is solely responsible for its correct use. Points will be accumulated for the creation of the card, per visit, for payments in the bar and restaurant services, as well as for registering on the Casino Barcelona website (

Points will be accumulated in the member's account the day after the transaction that generated them, so that it is not possible to redeem points at the same time they are accumulated.

  • Exchanging points:

You only need to show your ID to exchange and/or pay with your points, as well as to obtain discounts and promotions. The value of a point is €0.01 (100 points = €1), regardless of the member's loyalty (unlike the accumulation of points, there are no multipliers for the exchange of points).

As indicated in the previous point, points can only be exchanged starting the day after they have been earned.

In the event of an issue with the exchange of points, the member must send an email to, or call 900.35.43.54, providing their personal data and the issue encountered.

  • Loss/expiration of points:

Accumulated and unused points expire one calendar year after they have been earned.

The member will be able to check his/her current points balance at the Management Companies' information points.

Likewise, the Management Companies will notify the member of the upcoming expiration of points in his/her account to the extent possible, although the Management Companies are under no obligation to do so.

  • Validity period:

Membership in the Grup Peralada Member program, as well as ownership of the GPM card, is for life, unless, for any reason, the member does not accumulate points for 12 consecutive months, in which case the account will be considered inactive, and the points cancelled.

Should a member lose his/her membership, he/she will be able to sign up again, without being entitled to claim the points accumulated previously or any of the benefits he/she may have obtained in his/her previous membership.

  • Lost or stolen card:

The Management Companies are not responsible for any damages or losses incurred by the cardholder in the event of card loss or theft, which should be reported immediately by email to or by telephone at 900.35.43.54.

  • Personal data:

The Management Companies guarantee compliance with current Personal Data Protection regulations and other implementing regulations.

Users may provide specific personal data required to correctly register as a member, as well as for participation in existing promotions at any given time, through the Grup Peralada Member program registration form. This information is required to sign up for the program and will be included in a file co-owned by all the Management Companies, as indicated in these Terms.

Registration in the program requires acceptance of the Privacy Policy included in the registration form.

The member may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation, or opposition at any time by sending a communication to the postal address of any of the companies, or by sending an email to

The Management Companies are not responsible for the veracity of the data provided through the registration form. The program is designed for adults, and, in this sense, the Management Companies are not responsible for cases in which minors have sent personal data through the registration form.

  • Non-compliance with the Terms:

The member may only have one active account at any given time, and the Management Companies reserve the right to delete any duplicate account that comes to their attention. As a general rule, the account that is inactive or, alternatively, the oldest account will be deleted. In any event, should the Management Companies detect fraud in the creation of multiple accounts, it reserves the right to delete the account along with all accumulated points.

The Management Companies may make the necessary adjustments to a customer's points balance in the event of a system failure or defect, operator or representative error, fraud, or if the cardholder does not use the card correctly or does not respect the Terms and Conditions of this program.

  • Management Company Liability:

The Management Companies will not be liable for the fraudulent accumulation or exchange of points. Any fraudulent use of the program or the GPM card, or use contrary to the Terms and Conditions, will be considered a breach by the member, and the provisions of the previous point will apply.

The Management Companies may reject the application for membership in the Grup Peralada Member program of any person who has incurred a previous breach of the Terms and Conditions and/or has caused any form of damage or harm to the Management Companies.

  • Program modifications/cancellations:

Given the dynamic nature of the program, members accept that the characteristics of the program, as well as the program's promotions, articles and gifts will be subject to change, and their availability will depend on the partnership agreements reached by the Management Companies at all times.

In any event, any modification or, if applicable, cancellation of the program, will be duly communicated to the members.

  • Acceptance of the Terms:

The cardholder, upon requesting his/her card, confirms his/her agreement with the terms and conditions of the GPM program, as well as with the criteria of the Management Companies as regards the resolution of any issue or incident that may arise.

  • Dispute resolution:

These Terms are governed by Spanish Law. The parties submit to the courts and tribunals of the member's registered address.